Efficiency for mill logistics, port activity, proper maintenance? Whatever your need with regard to industrial logistics, we will provide for you the latest and most effective service that is exactly suitable for your needs.

We offer sawmills, pulp and paper mills and ports a comprehensive service, which includes work supervision, personnel, machinery and its servicing. From us you can get leased machinery and a range of maintenance services to suit your needs. We are also happy to take care of both the summer and winter maintenance of sawmill and pulp and paper mill areas.

Book a time with one of our service specialists and find out more!

sahalogistiikka Sawmill logistics
vaneritehtaiden_logistiikka Plywood mill logistics
massateollisuuden_logistiikka Pulp and paper mill logistics
satamapalvelut Port logistics
tehdas_kunnossapito Mill maintenance
koneiden_huoltokorjaus Machinery servicing and repair