Could we also help you to succeed?
Fin-Terpuu is a Kajaani-based group that offers logistics services for the forest industry. Our main fields of business are logistics, the leasing of machinery and personnel, maintenance and consulting. We are specialised in the provision of internal transport and waterway transport for the wood-processing industry, ports and terminals. At present we operate in Finland and Russia. Our head office is situated in Kajaani, our place of inception.

We have the best specialists
We have more than 40 years’ experience in the field of logistics. We always work with precision and care. We have at our disposal the latest technology and equipment in the field. We are constantly learning from our customers and employees and we develop our operations based on that.

For the good of the environment – starting from the basics
We want to guarantee a good and environmentally-friendly work place and operations. We are developing our company in an ecologically and socially sustainable way. These are not just empty words – we really do operate this way, starting from the concrete basics. For example, we monitor driving behaviour and fuel consumption, and we use domestic, renewable fuel in our machinery.

Safety and well-being

We look after our employees and ensure their well-being. Occupational safety is important to us and we are constantly developing it. Everywhere we observe the occupational safety guidelines required by our customers and together with them we are improving safety.

As the first in our field, we also want to help our customers to succeed!