For us, the utilisation of renewable energy resources is one of our important and, in the near future, clearly growing business areas. Through us, every logistics need of biofuel-powered power plants and many other services related to bioenergy can succeed.

We carry out industrial crushing services and can screen biofraction using the latest methods. Through our extensive network, we can obtain many different types of fraction for bio power plants. We also plan tailored combustible fraction and seek out the best solutions for the utilisation of waste energy.

We can help you to exploit any solution related to renewable energies.

Ask our service specialist more about our bioenergy services – everything related to it gets us moving!

murskauspalvelut Crushing services
seulontapalvelut Screening services
bioenergian_myynti Bioenergy sales
biovoimalaitosten_logistiikka Bio power plant logistics
bioenergian_kehitystyo Bioenergy development work